R(isky) E-lationships


Today the news reporters are aghast–the government has access to our phone calls and internet exchanges! Why would this come as a surprise to anyone? Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’ve always suspected it. Maybe it was growing up in the D.C. burbs, where stories of secret underground missiles and bomb shelters were standard fare. “See that farm over there? The trees and the grass look so perfect because they’re not real!” Maybe it was George Orwell that started it for me. Attending high school in the early 70’s, we read 1984 as sci-fi. We thought that by the year 2000 we’d all be talking on phones with cameras on our television screens, that we’d even have them in our bathrooms, most assuredly–that is, if we survived the pending nuclear holocaust.

Although I’ve been online for many years, I’ve always kept a low profile, guarding my AIM, Yahoo, Google and Facebook accounts as if they were hot commodities someone would steal or use against me someday. So, it figures that right after I decide to get out here and share my real name and start a “Heart to heart” blog in the electronic world, the news would confirm my belief that none of this is private! Oh, well. If they decide to persecute me for being who I am, then I guess I’m done for!

Seriously, though, our fine government has a history of pulling some pretty sneaky tricks. A great-granddaughter of a full-blooded Cherokee from the Eastern Tribe of Cherokee (who hid in the mountains to avoid the Trail of Tears), I suppose I was raised with a healthy amount of mistrust for politicians. Watergate didn’t help much with that either.

My point? Well, fearful or not, our government has access to our private lives. They have for a long time. Now that we live in an electronic world, even more so. There will be people fighting over this, working to change it. I won’t be joining them, at least not that I can foresee. There will be people stocking up their shelters with more guns and food to protect themselves when all hell breaks loose. I won’t be joining them either, although I may wish I had someday! No, I’m going to keep posting here, keep reaching out to network and share my true self, keep relating with my friends and family on Facebook, keep talking on my phone, and in most likelihood, keep doing my banking electronically (GASP!).

My guess is you will too. We’ve come to a new normal. We’ve come to accept that some degree of risk is involved to live the way we’re accustomed to living. We’ve come to realize that if we want our government to keep up surveillance against terrorism, we need to be willing to be scanned as well. We’ve come to realize that if our United States falls to power-hungry evil rulers, ie., if The Beast takes over, we won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without compliance to the new system’s mandates. I suppose we could try to protect ourselves, withdraw from all of this, hide. But why? To live a life hiding from what we fear is not much of a life. To live a life relating to loved ones, staying in touch though they’re far away, sharing my heart in ways that maybe even strangers on the other side of the world may be encouraged by, well, yes, that is worth the risk to me.

As my lovely, smart, audacious and funny 16 year-old granddaughter says,

Fear fear!

So listen up, US government, while I walk on the wild side, live on the edge and share the love 😉

©Joan T Warren

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  1. Looks like Glenn Beck isn’t such a conspiracy theorist afterall! 😉 Seriously, I’m glad you’re more visible online now, but at the same time we need to be smart. If “the beast” is on the way, we may need to have some items stockpiled just in case! If it comes to not being able to buy or sell without a mark… I will be one going underground. Learning to grow my own food now isn’t such a bad idea. But at the same time, I won’t be silent about my faith… and I won’t let fear stop me from being informed about what my government is doing. I won’t be blind to what’s coming.


    • Thanks, Deni! If I can get to your house in time I’ll come help you eat that food! Just kidding. I think if the worst goes down, I won’t last long anyway. Its a point well-taken, though, that we need to be smart and savvy, do our best to keep the freedom we have and plan for times that may be harder. I hope my expression doesn’t slight these virtues! I simply don’t have enough hours in my week to accomplish all that really should be done in life, so I choose my battles and will have to live with the fallout. I wonder what would happen to people who need medication for their mental and physical survival?


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