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Wife of Stone



A story of contrast, our WordPress photo challenge for this week.

As we toured our cruise ship last January, it seemed one gentleman found his companion for the trip and brought her a drink! Perhaps the cruise to Cozumel would soften her a bit?

Thanks to my sweet hubby for snapping the shot, and apologies that it may be a bit grainy; he took it from the level above, and I cropped it for today’s post.

Joan T. Warren

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The Pause Between



Between back yard and front, is a place where I lay
things destined for garbage, things tattered and frayed
I pause there to notice
A beauty unseen
As nature embraces what I’d thrown away.

Joan T. Warren
For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, “Between.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art or Clean-Up Time?


You know how some pieces of abstract art are the result of throwing paint on a canvas? Well, in response to this week’s photo challenge, to represent art in unexpected forms, I started thinking about some of the similarly-formed abstracts that typically annoy me every day at home. Hmmm. Maybe there is beauty and form and meaning in this mess! Maybe someday, when all the kids are gone, maybe — just maybe — I’ll miss these works of art.

Or, maybe not.


Clean-up time.

Joan T. Warren



Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring



Joan's iphone cam, Martha and James' woods.

Joan’s iphone cam, Martha and James’ woods.

Stretch. Breathe deep. Unfurl

fronds, heart, mind; a new phase. Say

yes. Begin again.


©Joan T. Warren

Gladly prepared for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, to represent what spring means to me, in pictorial form. My deepest apologies for the quality of this photo; if I were a true photographer, it would be sharper, the background in B&W, the fern fronds in green. To make it up to you, world, I offer a little something extra for you, haiku to accompany.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Easter Sunrise from a spot aptly named ‘Pretty Place,’ at YMCA Camp Greenville, SC.
This, after a night spent on the top bunk in a rustic cabin, just certain the rain would never stop.