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Faith or Fear: Roots Run Rampant


Fear has roots with underground runners! Just when I think I’ve pulled the biggest, up crops another branch. I pull it, and off of that one, a myriad others, in all directions.

As a young adult, I realized I was a people-pleaser. I wanted people to like me, to approve of me, and for things to be peaceful, no conflict.

I dug into the matter. “There are weeds in this garden, Lord, help me pull them out by the roots and let your truth replace all the lies I believed!”

“If people get upset, you’re going to get hurt.” Yank. “I will wipe away your tears, bind up your wounds. A tender shoot I will not break.” (Ah).

“It’s all your fault!” Yank. “You were a child when you learned this, it was not your fault. Let me show you instead what is your responsibility now. . .” (Wha?)

“If you’re good, nothing bad will happen, so you must be bad because bad things happened.” Yank. “Bad things happen, regardless; look what happened to my Son.” (Oh).

One root led to another, until, looking up at the garden, it was disheveled. Some roots broke off, leaving tiny pieces and hidden sections that sprouted back up later.

“You’re a mess, you’ll never get this done.” Yank. “Let my Spirit guide you; I will send rain to loosen the soil, then the roots will give more easily. You are already perfect in my eyes, so don’t worry about it so much. As a matter of fact, how about you hand me those gloves and let me be the gardener now?” (Oh, okay).

That was over twenty years ago.

Gradually I got free. Free to say yes or no. Free to confront or let go. Free to choose according to what rang true in my gut instead of whatever others said. Free to live with the consequences, positive and negative, of my own choices. Free to learn and grow as a loved child would.

Fear still crops up, though. Just today I read a blog-friend’s post on fear and realized some new ones to take to the Gardener:


Without fear, I will be able to achieve my goals, which are huge, by the way. More on that later.

Your turn: fear or faith? What do you see as your biggest victory over something you feared, and how did you find the courage  to achieve it?

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R(isky) E-lationships


Today the news reporters are aghast–the government has access to our phone calls and internet exchanges! Why would this come as a surprise to anyone? Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’ve always suspected it. Maybe it was growing up in the D.C. burbs, where stories of secret underground missiles and bomb shelters were standard fare. “See that farm over there? The trees and the grass look so perfect because they’re not real!” Maybe it was George Orwell that started it for me. Attending high school in the early 70’s, we read 1984 as sci-fi. We thought that by the year 2000 we’d all be talking on phones with cameras on our television screens, that we’d even have them in our bathrooms, most assuredly–that is, if we survived the pending nuclear holocaust.

Although I’ve been online for many years, I’ve always kept a low profile, guarding my AIM, Yahoo, Google and Facebook accounts as if they were hot commodities someone would steal or use against me someday. So, it figures that right after I decide to get out here and share my real name and start a “Heart to heart” blog in the electronic world, the news would confirm my belief that none of this is private! Oh, well. If they decide to persecute me for being who I am, then I guess I’m done for!

Seriously, though, our fine government has a history of pulling some pretty sneaky tricks. Read the rest of this entry