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Dark Chocolate to my Soul



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First smile from my baby~

Fingertips at my back~

Purple hued sunsets o’er mountain or sea.

A word fitly spoken~

Laughing toddlers at play~

Secret gifts sent before there’s a plea.

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Send me to my Room


“Go to your room!”

Remember when that was a punishment?

Not anymore! Now, when I get a quiet moment free, I sneak off to my room. It’s a quiet place. Cozy and clean. Room to think.



This week’s photo challenge is about room. Room has varied meanings and contexts. You may have noticed my love for open spaces. I usually share photos of oceans, shorelines and mountain ranges. At home, though, there are many wonderful places I enjoy. I chose my room today, as it is the perfect place to get away for a quick think. No one else’s needs or thoughts crowd mine. Just me.

I choose soft colors and fabrics, comfy bedding and treasured family heirlooms and pictures to create this personal haven of rest. Home and Garden magazine hasn’t knocked on my door–there’s been no designer to make it magazine-perfect–but the evening light visits through the woods out back. My comforter from Tuesday Morning cost a lot less than Pottery Barn’s, but it is soft and white just the same. The antique marble and mother-of-pearl inlay table has a crack in the marble and is missing plenty of mother-of-pearl, but my dad had it stripped of black lacquer when I was a little girl and I loved it so much that I’d polish in between the little bird carvings around the edges. He caught me taking care of it and promised it to me. The chair may not be the most modern touch, but it is a family heirloom from a relative who was more like a mother to me than my own mother could be. Each photo brings good memories with warm-fuzzies attached. The platter is an anniversary gift from the “copper” year. All in all, it is my room, and you can send me here anytime!

Where do you go when you just have a few minutes to recharge? How have you made it a special place to suit your needs?


Reblog of my Daughter’s Amazing Post Today


You’ve read here about my daughter a bit, and you’ve seen some of my daughter’s photography. Now, be blown away with her most recent post:


©DenesiaChristine on Instagram, View from Yellow Brick Road

©DenesiaChristine on Instagram, View from Yellow Brick Road

She is amazing. I love her so much–I am spilling with clichés to try to tell you, but I guess you can imagine, if you read this.

© Joan T Warren

New Menu Topic


possible looking down to say we dont talk about those things“My dear,”

she whispered as she peered down over her bifocals

to the little one fearfully looking up to her for help,

girl looking up for help 2

“These are not the sort of things people talk about.”

This new category/menu heading is dedicated to those things.

Because silence is not always golden.