stick around



heading up the street


toward heavy traffic

stroller with baby inside

thinking it should end right here

for her, for me, end the suffering

what if it fails

what if only  one of us dies

what if one is paralyzed

what about the person who hits us

will i kill them too

or torture them forever

what if it’s a whole family

or two

wiping the tears

calming the thought

turning around

i go home

i went home

as much as i hated it

the despair

stuck here

in this hell hole

no one cares


i found a way

i am so glad i stuck it out

i hope you will too

stick around.



In gratitude and response to this wonderful blog event:


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  1. I’ve got goosebumps, Joan. This is a very powerful poem and the video makes it even more so. I wish you could show this in every middle and high school and college in the country. Forty years later, you can’t even remember why you considered doing something so horrific. It passed and we are all better for it. My oldest son just turned 40, your baby is 40. I can’t imagine the world without my son, and I bet you can’t imagine it without your child. Thank you for this heartrending and uplifting post. Surely you saved someone’s life today.

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  3. I can relate to this, or least I have been able to in the past. Thank you for sharing this powerful message and story.


    • You’re welcome, I believe most of us can relate to these thoughts at some level. The Blog Event that inspired me to share this is hosted by a 19-year old who recently lost a friend to suicide. He hopes to get together an inspiring collection of reasons to live to share with other teens. Maybe you’d like to share something too. If so, go to the WordPress Reader and look for the heading Blog Events. It’s there!


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