Grace Is. . .


girl cries

. . .Crying all the way home from school

with a sealed note from the teacher for your parents to sign,

then finding out she reported a good thing you did that day

instead of the bad.

girl happy mom

©Joan T. Warren

This new mini-post series, “Grace is. . .,” is an impromptu, occasional, free-style offering of random kindness. Feel free to share your thoughts on grace in the comment section below! Spread the joy. 😉

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  1. Aw. the teacher should have told her it was a nice thing. Any kid would worry. So lovely. And the picture of happiness. But I want to sock it to the teacher! Never leave a child in limbo fretting. ;)x


  2. This beautifully illustrates how our perceptions can be way off the mark (sometimes). I may no longer have teacher notes to bring home but I can still relate! This also makes me think of how so many of us are not accustomed to receiving positive feedback so that when we do get a note (or the adult equivalent of it), we automatically think we’re in trouble.


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