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First Blog Award!



I feel a bit like Sally Field accepting her Oscar, “You like me,” or Donald Duck given a gift, “Aw, shucks!,” or maybe even the dad from A Christmas Story opening his shining, fishnet- adorned leg lamp: “A major award! It’s a major award!”

Most Influential Blogger award, now so proudly shining on my sidebar, is thanks to a fellow blogger for whom I have plenty of mutual admiration (read her work at A Holistic Journey). It’s a nice little stamp of approval–I will wear it like a Girl Scout Badge! Though not an official WordPress award, why not? It is a compliment, an endorsement, from a fellow writer I respect and admire. Writing is a creative gift, but also takes work. It’s nice to know that the work we put into expressing our thoughts, hearts and souls, makes a positive impact in the world–every ripple worthwhile.

I will gladly pass it on, pay it forward, for the little “atta-girl’s” or “atta-boy’s” might just  lift a down heart, impart bounce to a step, or inspire greater networks. Hurray for us, hurray for WordPress and Blogspot, hurray for the gift of being influential!

The protocol for this award is as follows: Read the rest of this entry