First Blog Award!



I feel a bit like Sally Field accepting her Oscar, “You like me,” or Donald Duck given a gift, “Aw, shucks!,” or maybe even the dad from A Christmas Story opening his shining, fishnet- adorned leg lamp: “A major award! It’s a major award!”

Most Influential Blogger award, now so proudly shining on my sidebar, is thanks to a fellow blogger for whom I have plenty of mutual admiration (read her work at A Holistic Journey). It’s a nice little stamp of approval–I will wear it like a Girl Scout Badge! Though not an official WordPress award, why not? It is a compliment, an endorsement, from a fellow writer I respect and admire. Writing is a creative gift, but also takes work. It’s nice to know that the work we put into expressing our thoughts, hearts and souls, makes a positive impact in the world–every ripple worthwhile.

I will gladly pass it on, pay it forward, for the little “atta-girl’s” or “atta-boy’s” might just  lift a down heart, impart bounce to a step, or inspire greater networks. Hurray for us, hurray for WordPress and Blogspot, hurray for the gift of being influential!

The protocol for this award is as follows:

If you receive this nomination in your email, copy and paste the lower section into your blog, then complete as needed:

1. Put the logo in your post.

2. Answer the questions below.

3. Pass the award to 11 others.


1. What makes you happiest?

Seeing my loved ones happy. If not possible, a frozen margarita at the pool is a nice substitute 😉 Also happy dancing, writing, painting, gardening, working out, shopping, being with friends, working, getting mani/pedi/massage, coming in to a clean house, getting the last of the laundry put away . . . Okay I guess I’m pretty easy to please!

2. Do you love the oceans or mountains more?

Can’t I have both?

3. What has been a special moment in 2012?

Update: it is 2013 now. This year a special moment was when my step-granddaughter (3) stroked my face and dreamily whispered, “I love you, Mimi.”

4. What’s your favorite quote?

“If you took all the people who fell asleep in church and laid them end to end, . . .  they would be alot more comfortable.” (Lincoln, some say).

5. Do you like yourself?


6. Do you stay up ’til midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Usually! Dance, kiss, yell, the whole thing.

7. Something you wish could be done ASAP.

The answer to all our prayers, no, uh, that was in a movie and it didn’t work out so well.

8. What was your favorite class when still at school?

Can’t I have them all???? Just kidding. Art and creative writing, though, are too hard to choose between. No, I will choose creative writing–I could do that on demand, whereas art I wanted to be “inspired” first!

9. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

Dulcimer, guitar

10. Anything you wished to have learned earlier?

Yes, to value self, avoid victim mentality, celebrate the moment.

11. Do you like to do crafts, drawing or painting?

Yes. Oh, is this an either/or question again?

Now, for my Eleven Awardees, all of whom bring your heart, humor and head to the blogosphere, thank you:

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Words Set Me Freee (three e’s intentional)


About Joan T Warren

Joan is an author, and retired occupational therapist and addictions minister, who loves to build and maintain healthy relationships, encourage others in their journey toward wholeness and hone her creative skills such as writing, drawing, painting, dancing and gardening. Read more about Joan under "About the Author" at

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