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Liebster not Biebster

This article has absolutely nothing to do with Justin Beiber, shown here turning himself into police on Jan 30, 2014, courtesy of

This article has absolutely nothing to do with Justin Beiber, shown here turning himself into police on Jan 30, 2014, courtesy of

All the talk about what the Biebster is doing wrong again. . .  instead of that, I am going to talk about the Liebster!

imageKhana, of, was awesome enough to give me the Liebster Award nomination. This award honors quality blogs that have less than 200 followers. I guess she feels I qualify on quality, and my stats tell me I do on the last! As of today, 168 extremely insightful, astute and intelligent people follow this blog! It will be interesting to see if participating in this award will add to that number, but I’ll keep writing even if  just for you wonderful 168!

In order to comply with the nomination, though, I need to answer Khana’s ten questions–hers, not someone’s who started it 10,000 posts ago! I decided to turn them about and give them to you from #10, countdown fashion, to #1. After you get through this incredibly interesting material, you will find links to those I’d like to pass the nomination on to, and the ten challenging questions I thought would be great to know about them.

Here goes!

10. Describe yourself in a Haiku. (A three line verse of seventeen syllables, traditionally five, seven, five, but this is flexible).

Simple yet complex
Compassionate yet boundaried
Gentle, wild and true

Did that tell you much? Well, it’s a start. Let’s jump into the weightier questions–

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Bouquet of Three


Thank you my new friend Scottishmomus!

I love WordPress blogging!

Not only does Wordpress provide a place to share my thoughts, my heart and my musings, but it facilitates links to fabulous writers from around the world. I am “meeting” people whom I would never had met and am privy to discovering their thoughts, hearts and musings in ways I never would have known. Occasionally I meet someone who seems to delve into all my posts with great enjoyment, which is met with equal interest on my part. A recent new ‘mutual admiration’ blogger endowed me with a bouquet of three awards as seen here:


With this award, I am to share seven interesting things about myself. Here goes: Read the rest of this entry

First Blog Award!



I feel a bit like Sally Field accepting her Oscar, “You like me,” or Donald Duck given a gift, “Aw, shucks!,” or maybe even the dad from A Christmas Story opening his shining, fishnet- adorned leg lamp: “A major award! It’s a major award!”

Most Influential Blogger award, now so proudly shining on my sidebar, is thanks to a fellow blogger for whom I have plenty of mutual admiration (read her work at A Holistic Journey). It’s a nice little stamp of approval–I will wear it like a Girl Scout Badge! Though not an official WordPress award, why not? It is a compliment, an endorsement, from a fellow writer I respect and admire. Writing is a creative gift, but also takes work. It’s nice to know that the work we put into expressing our thoughts, hearts and souls, makes a positive impact in the world–every ripple worthwhile.

I will gladly pass it on, pay it forward, for the little “atta-girl’s” or “atta-boy’s” might just  lift a down heart, impart bounce to a step, or inspire greater networks. Hurray for us, hurray for WordPress and Blogspot, hurray for the gift of being influential!

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