Hi! So glad you found me, or came back to visit again! I hope you’ll find this blog a place where you can skip away for a few minutes to feel inspired, be encouraged, share an insight or a laugh, and feel connected. Many of you are new to reading blogs, so I’ve given you a few hints on how to navigate my site.

Along the top of this page are “file tabs.” You can click on each of these to go to specific pages. For example, read About the Author or About This Blog.

The main page displays my most recent post, a right sidebar and two extra sections at the bottom of the page. You simply scroll down the front page to read the most recent post, and a comment box is at the end of this. Then, at the bottom of this, you’ll find a section with blogs by other writers I like. Clicking on their links should open a new tab, so you shouldn’t lose the home page. In this bottom section you’ll also see “Community” pictures. These are Gravatars (pictures or symbols) of people who are following this blog. I’d love to see you there!

Back up at the top, look to the right of the main page to find the right sidebar. Here you find a list my recent posts, in the order they were written. Each one you click will open a new window to read it, and the main window should still be open so you can easily come back to it.

Some posts are deep, some light, some short, some long. The best are the ones you’re inspired to comment on! I value this the most, so I’ve placed comment  boxes all around! When you send a comment, it comes to me first, so if you want it to stay just between us, be sure to tell me in your note. Otherwise, I will add it to my site so others can join the conversation!

Back to the right sidebar. Next you will see where you can “Like” me on Facebook, and other social networks, by clicking on the little icons representing them. I’m not in a popularity contest, and it’s not like I need lots of affirmation or anything! “Liking” my page helps you find me again, and is kind of like telling your friends you found a place they should try! Just be aware that Facebook doesn’t necessarily tell you when I add a new post. You’ll have to be on Facebook around the time I post or you’ll miss the notice. To be notified of my new posts, it is best to also sign up with your email to follow me. You can sign up to “follow” me by clicking the box that says “Yes, I want to follow JoanTWarren.com,” then enter your email address.

Beneath that, you will find that you can search through my articles by keyword, categories or by the month they were posted.

If any of the features on this blog don’t work easily for you, or don’t work as I explained (like if you don’t get an email notice when you sign up), please tell me about it by sending me a message in the comment box or email me at jtwHeart2Heart@yahoo.com

Again, thanks for stopping by to read what I have to say and to share your heart too. Sit down and stay a while! I truly hope you enjoy Heart to Heart in a Shielded World!


I would love to hear your responses and appreciate lively discussion! Please be patient as your comment comes to me first for approval before appearing below. Thank you!

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