Hi friends–

Did you know I’m also blogging recipes? Check it out at

It’s true! After years of being the step-mom whose cooking never lived up to dad’s, I’m finally stepping out of the closet with my creations! Some will be for the adult palette, and some for the picky eaters (every family has at least one). All are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle, no fuss, but you can always use organics and pure (non-GMO) ingredients to improve their quality.


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  1. Hi Joan, how are you? Just to mention that the link to your new recipe blog doesn’t work when i clicked it…. it said page not found… ahhhh… but yeah!!!! i managed to find it another way. But i think the link might needs fixing.
    Hope all is well with you and your family. I’ll have to dash off now…. I’m cooking some “QUICKIE CARIBBEAN CHICKEN SOUP” followed by some “CHICKEN CALAMATACATA”


    • Thanks, Mark, always good to hear from you! I think it is fixed now. Let me know what you think about those dishes, maybe a little different than the usual fare in Scotland?


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