This is Where


This is where blue meets blue, with open arms,
where rainbows signal safe from harm.

This is where dinosaurs meld into angel wings,
where sand crabs wiggle and sea gulls sing.

This is where sea turtles race to the moon at night,
where sailboats glide and swallows take flight.

This is where footprints hint the path behind,
where shoreline paints an easy line.

This is a place of reverence:

where things, once muddled, now make sense,

where troubles pale in light of Thee,

where souls connect in reverie–

a place of merging land and sea,

a place perspective calls to me.


photo courtesy Denesia Christine

photo courtesy of Denesia Christine

©Joan T. Warren


About Joan T Warren

Joan is an author, and retired occupational therapist and addictions minister, who loves to build and maintain healthy relationships, encourage others in their journey toward wholeness and hone her creative skills such as writing, drawing, painting, dancing and gardening. Read more about Joan under "About the Author" at

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  1. First, thanks so much for visiting my new blog! I appreciate it and I don’t believe in luck or coincidence! I believe for what ever reason our Heavenly Father sent you to mine, that I might find yours. Didn’t take me long either to know I want to follow yours! It’s unique and different but oh so refreshing!
    Also, I Love poetry, all poetry (as long as it’s not crude). Poetry is a medium that causes your brain to have to think, to imagine and to explore one’s self inside!! Great poetry changes people. I love it! I’ve already read several of yours and I love this one! It is subtle, like the ocean in the picture with the reflection of the waning sun!
    I just started my blog a week or so ago and am already following lots of blogs and even have some from a couple of years ago, but, I am an avid reader as well as writer and you just never know where the Lord will cause you to get your next inspirational moment, or idea for a teaching etc. So I keep my eyes open and am not afraid to look around. Anyway, I will make time to read more as you will now be in my “reader” and I can check out more articles.
    In the meantime, I pray God’s richest blessings on you as you continue to inspire and encourage.
    P.S. I love to comment and I have trouble keeping it short; I think it’s the “preacher” in me. Sorry!


    • Welcome and thank you for your kind feedback! The poem you posted caught my eye as I used the WordPress reader with the tag “joy.” It is interesting to plug in a keyword like that and see what you find! So many people are blogging positive energies, it is refreshing. I enjoy the humorous bloggers, too, who keep it real! Glad to have you as a new follower, I will follow back, and wish you well as you share your heart!


    • Hi! It is good to see you again! Yes, it amazes me how I can be so full of angst, and then, a few minutes at the shore, what was once so foreboding dissolves into place. Mountains have a similar effect. . . anywhere with a view to how small we are compared to it all. Where do you gain perspective?


      • Good to see you again too. I’ve been going between the reader and then swapping to emails and back trying to keep up. Still haven’t found the perfect solution but I was missing so many posts on the reader I’m back to emails. Although time will tell. 😉
        I probably gain perspective when I have the opportunity to visit the beautiful mountains here in Scotland or anywhere where there is water, In the absence of those, I look around to the world and try to recognise my place within it is a valuable but small. So very much of both.x


        • Yes, I agree, the reader seems to not post all that I follow. I thought perhaps you hadn’t been posting much lately since i hadn’t seen anything from you, but I guess WordPress is getting like Facebook in that regard! The emails, though, seem too much. Overall, though, with “perspective,” I am thankful we have a medium that introduced us and lets us enjoy one another’s thoughts from so far away. Much of my lineage is from Scotland, I hope to visit there someday.


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