Dark Chocolate to my Soul



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First smile from my baby~

Fingertips at my back~

Purple hued sunsets o’er mountain or sea.

A word fitly spoken~

Laughing toddlers at play~

Secret gifts sent before there’s a plea.

Birds chirp at breakfast~

A room with a view~

Grown-up baby, saying, “I love you.”

A mother’s dedication~

A father’s heart, pure~

A book with great character, hearts so true.


An unsung hero~

A selfless deed~

Rows of fresh radishes, lettuce and beans.

Bike ride in evening~

Canoes on a lake~

Heart-felt apologies from reckless teens.


Skipping stones on the water~

Swinging ABC’s~

Old photos revealing the man was a boy.

Wrought iron furniture~

Ferns in the rain~

A song that effuses my tears, into joy.


Flowers on the table~

Landscapes with depth~

Vines climbing over an old stone wall.

An old soldier honored~

A chore turned with dance~

An old hymn, hummed by stranger, in mall.


Really good neighbors~

A clean house to enjoy~

Climbing a tree to see from above.

Old friends and family~

Lessons from kids~

Crossing a line in the name of love.


Beauty for ashes~

The cross on a hill~

An old woman displaying love’s attitude.

Waves gently lapping~

Sand soft as silk~

A sofa, soft pillows, and candlelight mood.


A poem that soars~

A chapter writ~

Curving branches of an old oak tree.

Eyes, hearts, locked~

Hands entwined~

My man and I, moving in harmony.


A heart-to-heart~

A good night’s sleep~

Fresh fruit arranged in a blue porcelain bowl.

Eyes that twinkle~

Sun-kiss on my cheek~

All: dark chocolate to my soul.

* * * ********************* * * *
Behind the scenes:
It may be a bit absurd, but I was thinking today about how to incorporate more healthy choices into my days. I’ve been widening in the middle, partly due to my love of chocolate! While dark chocolate is now on the list of superfoods (albeit the tiniest spec on the pyramid), it too often comes with not-so-super fats, sugars and calories! Equating dark chocolate with indulgence, divinity and even sinful pleasures, I began thinking about how to replace this sense of indulgence with things that AREN’T eaten! This loosely formed poem is the rather absurd result! If I indulge in the things that mean the most (the things that endure), perhaps their richness will take the place of that extra sweet treat.

©Joan T. Warren
Heart to Heart in a Shielded World

Yep, you said it:
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For the things that endure mean the most:
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    • Thanks for the ping, Lita! I enjoyed your review of the theatre of the absurd. It is true, there is comedy in absurdity. Like in this battle with my middle, it’s pretty funny to me to think I can replace a chocolate craving with thoughts of more meaningful things. Perhaps it’s absurd of me to try! Oh well, though, it can’t hurt, I figure, can it?


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