Untimely for we who stay,

Torn in sore lament–

Time and distance

Ne’er to be breached again;

Not from our doing.

Resigned unto eternity

Or waiting to be joined again

When breath doth cease.


Then, to know

What now we hope~

In faith, our spirits to retain,

Enjoined in blissful freedom

From all that tortures here–

Or utter loss,

Will cease to be

‘Twas all for naught–

To know, then.


What now you know,

Oh, dear one.

I feel you free,

Calling back,

Take heart,

Live on,


Together we will be.


In purity,

Resolved of all that held us back

‘Tis going now,


As I pass,

You see a bit, of me.


Let go of what impairs

Even now.



Grieving, you feel me.

All that I lived for,


All that you feel,

All that you think, wonder and eschew,



Cry, dear, cry.

For it is in this full admission

That we

Receive comfort,

One to another


To enter my joy.



And waiting,

In patience,


And fidelity.


Watching over those

I would have tended

Carry them now, for me.




In camaraderie.


©Joan T. Warren

In honor and memory of a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother:

~Paula Huttula~

Passing and raised to eternal life, 12-12-14

With love and prayers for all who mourn her passing, and for all who mourn, everywhere.


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